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May 7, 2019 | The Cornhusker Hotel | Lincoln, NE

Deadline for proposals is February 01, 2019

University of Nebraska Online is excited to announce a call for proposals for the 2019 Innovation in Pedagogy and Technology Symposium. The symposium is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn from nationally recognized experts, share their experiences and learn from the initiatives of colleagues from across the system.

Emerging Technology Track

Technology is an active partner in teaching and learning. New technologies facilitate new methods and streamline processes. Applying IT to instruction can help address long-standing issues, create greater engagement and produces a level playing field for all students. Share your experience, case studies and technical demos through our Emerging Technology track.

Leadership and Strategy in Online Education Track

Vision and effective management plays a key role in the development and growth of online education. Creating a culture of collaboration and ingenuity while maintaining structured growth of a program can at times be challenging. The Leadership and Strategy in Online Education Track will allow the opportunity for administrators, managers and others vested in the success of online education to share ideas and identify new avenues of collaboration which focus on online student service and retention strategies.  

Pedagogy/Instructional Design Track

Well-designed and executed course pages, rubrics, lessons and assignments are vital to the success of online courses. Online courses rely on the expertise and collaboration of faculty and instructional designers. These efforts produce learning environments where students can thrive. The Pedagogy/Instructional Design Track allows the opportunity for individuals to share best-practices, identify ways to collaborate across departments and campuses and discuss the opportunities and challenges in creating the next generation of online learning environments at the University of Nebraska.

Play an active part in the premier NU-wide distance education administration, pedagogy and instructional design event by sharing your best projects and initiatives that support your discipline, department, college or university mission. Presentations should be 50 minutes (including time for Q&A) in length and within one of the symposium themes. Inter-campus collaboration is highly encouraged.

If you have questions please contact Todd Karr at